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FCA-MAR Fall Autocross


Begins: Sep 11, 2022
Ends: Sep 11, 2022



Sunday, September 11, 2022

FCA-MAR Fall Autocross, Summit Point, WV


The autocross will be conducted at Summit Point Motorsports Park, WV, and will provide an ideal venue for you to safely explore the limits of your Ferrari.


As this is considered a low-speed event, no special car preparation is required. However, if you would like added confidence in your car before taking to the track, MAR sponsor Loudoun County Exotics is offering free tech inspections for MAR members.

A Helmet with Snell Rating of SA2015 or newer is required. Cost is $130 for FCA-MAR members, $190 for non-members.


Click the following link to watch the MotorWeek video of the April 10 FCA-MAR Spring Autocross at Summit Point Raceway! https://youtu.be/3sogmZQeDo8


For more information and to register, Contact Lashdeep Singh: Lashdeep.Singh@fca-mar.com