Concours d'Elegance Event Information

The Ferrari Club of America concours is based on the International standard provided by the IAC/PFA (International Advisory Council for the Preservation of Ferrari Automobiles), and is world renowned as the standards to which Ferraris are to be judged.
We are focused on the preservation of these fine automobiles and not so much on the cleanliness.
It is important that these cars appear the same as when they were delivered from the factory and not "over-restored".
Click on the following links to learn more:
  -  Concours Judging Guidelines (rev. 12/2015) 
  -  Judging Sheet for Exterior
  -  Judging Sheet for Interior
  -  Judging Sheet for Engine and Chassis
Note: The above documents may be revised by the IAC/PFA over time.
Enzo at Reading Concours